About Us

A little bit about who we are and what we do

Who we are

Sports Streaming UK was started by a team involved in the planning, running and co-ordination of ice hockey tournaments for the British Universities Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA). Our backgrounds are in Sports Venue Management, Control Systems Engineering, Audio and Video Production, and Health and Safety.

What we do

Our initial work was to develop electronic gamesheet systems for the BUIHA to help streamline their National Championship weekends hed every easter. With 3 weekends or 32 hours of hockey, the amount of paperwork generated was huge and unwieldly and, overall, meant that a lot of data was collected but couldn't be reproduced easily in an accessible format, such as a website.

To attempt to solve this problem, an electronic gamesheet generator was created for use at games and tournaments. This was backed up by a electronic registration and results system on the website to allow rosters to be generated for the gamesheet software and for the software to export an electronic gamesheet for uploading directly to teh website.

With this in place, attention moved towards pushing live data out during tournaments to keep players up-to-date. A autoamted tweeting system was developed and rolled. Coinciding with this, work started on systems for Formula Student providing similar custom software to manage registrations and results and automated tweeting.

The next logical step was live streaming and over the years this has developed from a simple, single camera system to a multi-camera system with instant replay, wireless cameras, video review and referee intercom systems. Confident in this package we started to work with other customers to brign the system to other sports and events.

While the core of the business has been sports streaming systems, we have also provided more traditional solutions for conference and meetings. We are happy to look at any customers requirement to attempt to find a suitable solution to the available budget.